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- Rachael Malberg -
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My skills in a nut shell…

As a computer geek since the 80's, I have programmed 100's of applications using everything from Basic to Cold Fusion on a multitude of platforms. Begining in the mid 90's I expanded my knowledge to include database design and programming for usability. I started developing database driven applications using Filemaker Pro and quickly moved to MS databases (FoxPro, Access, and SQL Server) and later to MySql and currently R:Base. Since 1995, I have developed applications to collect and report on everything from statistical analysis of demographic information to managing an entire medical supply business including the filing of insurance claims.

Why I think my applications work so well…

The successes of my applications are tied, not only my extensive programming skills, but to my:

Why I became an authorized R:Base developer…

Beginning three years ago I started searching for a reliable, mulit-user database that was easy to use but inexpensive. That's when I found R:Base which is an Industrial-Strength, Multi-User, Multi-Platform, True-Relational Database Management System with over 20 years of experience and used by the many government agencies. I find it works as well, and often better, then any MS database and cost only a few hundred, compared to a few thousands. Not only does it include an enterprise manager with all forms and reporting tools, so no additional software is needed, it has a built in, easy to learn, programming language very similar to Delphi, and the enterprise manager can used to interface with most ANY other database. In addition to a great product R:Base has hands down the best customer support of any business.

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